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Bring Your Own Snowballs: A Tropical Christmas

Timmy’s attempt to bring snowballs on the family’s Christmas vacation opens the door for his mom to share the Christmas story and remind Timmy of the real meaning of the holiday. Part of the Train Up A Child series, it’s a funny and touching skit to remind Christians of all ages what they believe.

Though He Crush Me

Though He Crush Me is a surprising conversation between Christ and the devil moments before the Crucifixion. A popular performance piece for Good Friday, it's a short skit with enormous impact.

Author + Playwright Andrew Kooman

Andrew Kooman writes for the page, stage and screen. He is the author of the highly acclaimed stage plays We Are the Body and She Has A Name which is now a feature film from Unveil Studios, the production company he co-founded with brothers Matthew and Daniel Kooman. Andrew’s stories have been published around the world and translated into more than 10 languages. Read Andrew’s full bio.

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