Buch Buchanan, Red Deer
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Andrew Kooman: If leadership is service, how do you intend to serve Red Deer if elected to council?

Buck Buchanan: I believe that Service is Leadership and that I should not ask anyone to do something I would not do myself presently I am on  six busy Committees with Council:
1) MPC –  Municipal Planning Commission our biggest issue is Secondary suites and the problem pre my time on this issue was the city moratorium

2) FCSS – Our biggest issue is implementing our new funding Review which had not been done in over (40) forty years we are going to make it work as it sadly needed a review
3) Westerner Board – the biggest issue is growth and and developing that vision you are talking about.

4) CPAC – Crime Prevention Advisory Comm.- one of our biggest issues was getting it implemented again which is done now getting it so that the credibility factor is such that it can effect change.

5) SAFE- Downtown ad hoc committee on Safety (appointed by the Mayor) the issue being safety and vision and things have happened not fast enough to suit me but that is another issue

6) Crime Prevention Study – this Comm. is looking at a (3) three phase approach #1 a re-up of the 2004 Policing Report (minimal need)  Phase 2 a look at  service level delivery very much needed and Phase 3 who to deliver this service Critical for the Vision of the City I am also on the Native Friendship Board and we just recently signed an agreement called common Ground which took over (3) three years to get done and I think I was instrumental in getting this going.

I am also on the Parkland Youth Home board and we recently secured a Safe Communities Grant for 3 million dollars for youth at risk and are just getting that going I am also the chairperson for Crime stoppers and we are looking at getting a Crime Prevention Group consisting of MADD, Neighbourhood Watch, COP, and Crime Stoppers all together I tried to make this work when I was on the Force and the Groups were not ready at that time keep you fingers crossed.

AK: If leadership is vision, what’s yours for the city of Red Deer?

BB: My vision is to make our City the best it can possibly be.  We have (2) conflicting issue right now (1) one we say we are the third largest city in Alberta and (2) two we are still considered rural Alberta and several residents want that small town feel these have to be managed and the two have to be assimilated into the greatest place in Alberta.

AK: If leadership is listening, what are Red Deerians saying?

BB: Red Deerians are saying they want their local Politicians to be accountable and be a conduit for their concerns to the Province and the Federal Governments so they are HEARD and LISTENED to.

AK: Why are you perfectly suited, at this time, to represent Red Deer?

BB: I am Young enough that I have the energy to pursue the issues and Old enough to know when I should be listening and when I should be talking.

AK: What do you think are the greatest challenges for the city of Red Deer at this point in the city’s history?

BB: I think our greatest challenge is balancing between growth and costs and determining what are the NEEDS and what are the WANTS.

AK: What is your connection to the city?  How did you end up here?

BB: I cannot boast of being a home grown product I started coming through Red Deer in the mid 70’s when my brother-in-law was posted at the old detachment on 55th Street with the RCMP. I was Transferred here in 1998 with the RCMP.

AK: What do you do for fun?

BB: I play Hockey sponsor an Old timers Team, I play the Bagpipes and play with Calgary City Police, I play baseball although this year was a wash, I Curl when I can but now have to spare due to commitments. I have (3) Three daughters that I like to spend time with and a wife that wants a little time whenever she can get it.

AK: What clubs, groups, or organizations are you a member of (or connected to) and why are you engaged with them?

BB: I am in the Rotary Club (Sunrise) and I am involved in In- School Mentoring with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters I have done the mentoring for (4) four years and been in Rotary for (5) five years

AK: Who inspires you and who would you like to emulate?

BB:My Grandfather inspired me and my Dad.  Although him and I sometimes mix like oil and water I try to be like them.

AK: If you could accomplish 1 thing as a City Councilor, what would it be?

BB: I would like to see us get the Policing. Right I am not sure we can sustain our present situation and I would like to see the City able to respond to local issues faster.


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