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Hauling film gear through airports, across oceans and passing it through customs in three countries is quite an experience. You should try it sometime!

If only the Chinese government allowed us to photograph the customs area when we had to remove everything so carefully packed. Think Robinson Crusoe, after the shipwreck, taking his inventory. We’re grateful to report that cameras, lenses, batteries, hard discs and everything in-between arrived in good shape.

We’re arriving in Thailand in waves.  The producers landed first to connect with Benetone Films, the company line producing the production.

Over the next few weeks different members of our North American-based crew will join us in Bangkok to coordinate with the Thai production team. Then the actors will start flying in mid-November when we start our shoot.

Pattaya Sign - She Has A Name Film location scout
Photo: From our location scout of the bar area in Pattaya where we will film interior shots of The Pearl, the place where NUMBER 18 is forced to work as a prostitute.  This image is a good summary of the prevailing attitude that props up and fuels the sex trade. 

This week we met with the department heads to talk Script, Art, Schedule and Stunts.  We’re excited to work with the legendary stunt director who worked on Ong Bak for an exciting action sequence.

We’re also traveling between Bangkok, Pattaya and Kanchanaburi in order to finalize locations. We have 19 film days during our 3-city shoot with more than 30 locations. There’s a lot of complexity, and we can’t wait to start rolling cameras.

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