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It’s truly been a wild ride since we landed in Asia at the end of October.  We’ve seen incredible sights throughout the country and found locations that are perfect for the film.

Our vision for #SHANFilm is to produce a gritty, hyper-real thriller. The locations we will shoot at will help us to achieve our goal.  Real jail cells, real go-go bars.  Real places where life, justice, corruption and exploitation meet.

PHOTO: JASON (Giovanni Mocibob) stands at his hotel room window overlooking the city before a night of visiting bars in the red-light district.

Cameras are rolling!  We’re having fun working with an international team on such a meaningful project.

Our first day of shooting took place in a hotel room to establish the world of the sex trade. The scenes here are part of a larger, dynamic opening sequence that launches the film’s narrative pace.

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