The other morning I walked the paths near our home and watched a stoic blue heron wade through the pond water on prehistoric limbs. It stopped and turned its head like some strange, ancient sentinel at an aquatic post.

Suddenly it thrust downward, breaking the surface of the water, then just as quickly returned to its calm and nearly motionless stance with a fish in its orange-yellow beak.

I’ve been dazzled on my early morning walks over the last few weeks as I take in the sights around me, watching Spring burst with life and take over the dry, snow-packed landscape with unapologetic, exuberant vengeance.

To welcome the Summer months I invite you to read 2 poems I’ve made exclusively available on my website to my subscribers (just use your email address to access the page).  The blue heron put me to it.

I hope they encourage you to blink again with wonder at the world.

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