I was pleased to learn that my new play She Has A Name was given the SAW/ APN Award.  Here’s the announcement from the Scripts at Work site: 

Each year we award 1-2 playwrights from our area this award for outstanding achievement. This award is meant for past “selected playwrights” that have submitted to us and been selected 3 years in a row. On the third year, instead of mentoring them again, we offer them this award which gives them professional dramaturgy in another city- Calgary, with Alberta Playwrights Network, which we believe is the next step, and a way for them to continue developing their craft and possibly their careers as playwrights.  This year’s recipient is: Andrew Kooman –  Congratulations!

Congrats to the playwrights selected for this year’s workshop  (and a special shout out to Stephen R. Neufeld – I read an early draft and I liked it):

Tumaini by Stephen R. Neufeld
Life from a Fishbowl by Rachel Peacock
Curtain Call by Blaine Newton