I’m pleased to share that 3 of my original scripts are now being sold at SkitGuys.com and are available to audiences and theatre creators across North America, including my new, original script Elizabeth Faces the Barrenness.

Skit Guys has a 20 year track record, providing scripts for professional and community theatre creators that can be performed for churches, school, youth ministry and other events.

Elizabeth Faces the Barrenness - a new vignette by Andrew Kooman

Elizabeth Faces the Barrenness — 1 Actor | 12 minutes

Somehow, living within the scripture text itself, a washed-up actress faces her most challenging role yet. When anyone starts reading the passage, she must enact the famous role of Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist. But it’s a thankless gig and she’s left in the dark as people mostly neglect to read it.

Left alone in this strange nether-world to reenact the supernatural account in which Elizabeth’s barren womb becomes fruitful, the actress faces obscurity. Equipped with a few low-budget props — like an 80s cardboard cut-out of Princess Leia along with a tape recorder — a mannequin for a scene partner, and her waning passion, the stage actress gives the drama one last go for the performance of a life time.

Elizabeth Faces the Barrenness is a surprising vignette that invites people to get excited about the miracle of story all over again.

Though He Crush Me - Andrew Kooman

Though He Crush Me — 2 Actors | 12 minutes

A play for Good Friday.  A surprising conversation between Christ and the devil in the moments before the Crucifixion.

That Towering Cross - Andrew Kooman

That Towering Cross – 6 Actors and a Choir | 50 mins

Anna returns to the small town church she grew up attending for its annual Easter production after a ten year absence.  When she meets Joshua after the performance, her view of the cross as a tired, old symbol is challenged not only by his invitation to imagine it differently, but her need for it to be something more.


About Andrew Kooman — Andrew Kooman is a Canadian author, playwright and screenwriter. His writing has been published around the world and translated into more than 10 languages. Andrew’s work for the stage has been produced across Canada and in the United States.

He is the author of the critically acclaimed plays We Are the Body and She Has A Name, which have toured Canada. His other stage plays include What We Didn’t Know, After Hymn!, That Towering Cross, Shelter, 3 Monologues,Though He Crush Me, and Joseph.

The film adaptation of She Has A Name is now a major motion picture.

Andrew is also the author of a book of poetry entitled God/he and the young adult novel series Ten Silver Coins. He is co-editor and writer for the books Disappointed by Hope: Migrants and Refugees in Search of a Better Country and Hope in Action, which shed light on justice issues faced by migrants in South East Asia. He is the co-author of Adventures in Saying Yes to God the biography of career missionary Kel Steiner.

You can follow Andrew on twitter @akooman.