kudos to my good friend nicole for her good taste in musaq (and for introducing me to aaron strumpel).  i admit some jealousy: nicole has this crazy group of artists gathered at their church in colorado.

strumpel is featured on Enter the Worship Circle: Chair and Microphone Volume 2.  the chair and mic albums are recorded raw: simply in real time, one time. he’s definitely got some killer tunes.  i like “Dove” and “Twenty Three.”  check him out.

i had the privilege of meeting one of the producers of the albums while visiting chad and nicole in colorado a few months ago – she was helping to paint their pastor’s house.  she told me a bit about their recording sessions for Chair and Microphone vol. 3 with Karla Adolphe who is part of the dynamic duo that is Jacob and Lily.

more transcendent music to set against the backdrop of life!