Speaking Engagements

Andrew speaks and teaches on a variety of subjects, including creativity and justice issues.  His speaking engagements are thoughtful and designed to achieve his mandate to “capture the imagination of the heart.”

He has taught and spoken in Kenya, India, Malaysia, Mongolia, England, the USA and Canada.  He has spoken to small groups and schools – elementary, high schools and universities – in workshops and for larger audiences. Highlights include speaking to a village of the Turkana tribe in Kenya and presenting at TEDx in Red Deer.

Andrew is a regular speaker for A Better World Canada.

Potential Themes

Andrew speaks on a variety of subjects, including creativity and justice issues. He is prepared to speak about the reality of human trafficking; how faith, prayer and the arts can intersect; migrant issues in South East Asia; and how individuals can use their voice to address pressing social issues.

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Commissioned Work

Story moves people.  Andrew has a track record of partnering with organizations to tell original stories that capture the imagination of the heart and impact communities.

His commissioned theatrical work includes the plays 3 Monologues, That Towering Cross and After Hymn!  Through the successful partnership with CAPCC the production of these three original plays has helped to raise more than $300,000 for charity in Central Alberta.

To enter a conversation with Andrew about commissioning an original theatrical work, please fill out the form below.

If you would like to discuss optioning Andrew’s original work please contact him directly.

A note from Andrew on his approach to writing

Author and Playwright, Andrew KoomanI write about what interests me.  What concerns me.  What fascinates me. If you follow me on social media, you know that I often describe myself as a “believer, traveler and writer.”  Much of what I’ve written addresses human rights and global justice issues like human trafficking and the plight of migrants and refugees. But I’m not “just” a “justice” writer. Much of what I write explores why we believe what we believe.  But I don’t “just” write about faith.

Faith is a lens.  And justice is a focus. My characters and my writing move away and toward these things. Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s word to writers, that we must address violence, has impacted me as much as Annie Dillard’s exhortation to only write 3 hours a day to remain sane.

For me faith is a place where belief and hope mingle, where the impossible somehow becomes possible.  Where mystery abounds and grace, undeserved, is available for everyone.  It’s a very rich and imaginative place from which to write.

And so I write plays, novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, speeches, love letters (but only to my wife) and I blog. Sometimes I ghost write for others to bring their stories to life.

I welcome you to click around the site and to check out my published and produced work. If you’d like to talk about collaborating on project that’s captured your imagination, please fill out the form above.

– AK