They hail from all over the world, our incredible crew that made the film possible. Shoot days were a busy hub of departments preparing for every shot with an efficiency that truly amazed me.

Now that we are just days away from the film’s global release, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the contribution of the crew.

Our line producer, Benetone Films, based in Bangkok were exceptional. Led by brothers Narula, they made things possible we could only otherwise have hoped for.

At every level of production, from our irreplaceable First AD Mhong to production manager Thidatip Charoenrat and every part of their production chain, we were so blessed to have their expertise and help to make She Has A Name a reality.

I’ll never forget how, after our first day of shooting, when the next day’s location fell through, Matt, Dan and I held an unexpected emergency meeting over Tandoori chicken with Benetone to problem solve a solution.


Air (Thidatip Charoenrat) showing me the official location approval from the Thai Film Commission

Within 2 hours, with some creative thinking, we scouted and secured a location that needed to look like a Senator’s office in DC and be ready in less than 8 hours.

The artistic ability of the Art Department who seemed capable of making the most elaborate and real sets out of nothing overnight, truly dazzled us.

Producer Donna Abraham compares her cell phone width to that of my melted Snickers bar… moments of silliness on set in Pattaya.

I’m proud of what we as a core creative team of 5 producers – the Kooman brothers, Shari and Donna – have accomplished.

Our North American crew were equally fantastic, making the shoot a delight. True professionals who worked tirelessly to ensure every shot was everything we needed it to be.


Our first day of shooting in Bangkok – can you tell?


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