I only got wind of this today. Anne Rice’s next book in the Christ the Lord series, the follow up to Out of Egypt, hits stores on 4 March.

Anyone else want to download the countdown widget with me?

The advance reviews sound really good. Here’s an excerpt from Publishers Weekly:

Whereas the first novel in this series hewed so closely to Scripture and to the author’s meticulous research as to be somewhat arid as fiction, this book imagining the “lost” young adulthood of Jesus offers wise and haunting speculation where the Bible is silent. And the final chapters, which pick up the story with the New Testament’s accounts of Jesus’ baptism, temptation, and early miracles, manage to be soulfully insightful even while faithfully tracking the Gospels. Rice undertakes a delicate balance here: How can a writer make a believably sensitive and wounded protagonist out of someone who is believed to be sinless? If it is possible to create a character that is simultaneously fully human and fully divine, as ancient Christian creeds assert, then Rice succeeds.

Publishers Weekly

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