with Hashim in Penang State

I’m pleased to say that Disappointed by Hope: Migrants and Refugees in Search of A Better Country, the forthcoming book from YWAM Malaysia and Raise Their Voice Against Injustice is approaching the finish line.

We’re nearing a final edit.  Yesterday I spent much of the day going through the incredible photography of Jonathan Kwok, the photographer whose photographs of migrants and refugees in Malaysia will help tell the story of their reality.  I’ve written 26 original short stories based on the real accounts of migrants and refugees I met.

As I went through the photographs, I came across this “behind the scenes” snapshot Jonathan took while we visited a community of Rohingya refugees from Burma.  Hashim, the man pictured with me in the photograph wrote a booklet with the help of the JUMP network in Malaysia.  I wrote a short article for RTV about his experience at a press event when the booklet was launched in Penang.

Disappointed by Hope is organized around 26 different issues to lead people into prayer and action to help address some shocking and disturbing issues of injustice.  Melanie Hurlbut of YWAM Malaysia has written four meditations to introduce each week.

I look forward to holding the finished product in my hand.  And to introduce people in Asia and North America to the reality of migrants and refugees who have or do experience injustices small and great.  I hope, as a result, our lives will never be the same.  The photograph reminded me of my experience just a few short months ago, and of the privilege it is to be in some way, use my voice and extend my hand to help people in need.