I’m amazed at some of the places we got access to film She Has A Name. So were the tourist police. I even had members of the Thai Film Commission approach me on set and ask how we were able to secure filming in an actual jail cell where traffickers and their victims had been held in the past (thank you incredible Thai location scouts!).

When you watch the film, you may be interested to know that when we went to shoot in the jail cell, the police removed an actual inmate incarcerated overnight. They moved him to another cell, but also let him set on a bench nearby while the Art Department scoped the location before the shoot.

Set dressing the real jail for a key scene in She Has A Name<

The bar where we filmed the Pearl is also a spot that’s been investigated in the past for trafficking minors. Members of the crew and our extras noticed cockroaches running rampant in the seats, crawling about in the dirty and dark real-life, low-life location.

Independent filmmaking is all hands on deck, all the time. You do what you gotta do to get the thing done, which, though challenging, is part of its appeal and charm.

Toilets need to be cleaned. Actors need to be driven places. Food needs to be prepared. Errands need to be run. You also can be short on extras.

That’s why, if you look closely, you may spot me in one of the scenes. These photos will give you a hint as to where to look for it. Let’s just say, I could’ve been a forearm or elbow model.

Production Assistant extraordinaire Maddy Bodenmann and I get, with two local extras, get our Extra experience in Pattaya


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