Jill escapes the city of Vendor as a refugee.  A Shameface forbidden to wear the veil, Jill runs for the Forest with a strange message from her caretaker and a letter burning a hole in her pocket.  It holds a secret to her past, and hopefully an opening to a better future.

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Ten Silver Coins by Andrew Kooman - Book 1, Second Edition


About Ten Silver Coins

Synopsis: What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right? But for Jill Strong, it’s seeking to kill her.

As she flees the city of Vendor like a refugee, everything starts to change for Jill when she discovers a treasure – ten silver coins – which she quickly loses.

The effort to recover the coins brings Jill to the Drylings who hide in the belly of a dormant volcano under the curse of the Rashtakar, a dangerous beast of an adversary who seeks the very treasure Jill has lost.

In Vendor, imagination and adventure are forbidden. In Acchora, without them, Jill and the Drylings have no hope for survival.

Why Andrew’s publishing it on Wattpad


“The first novel in a trilogy of Jill Strong adventures, Ten Silver Coins is an excellent tale of second chances and acceptance, no matter where you come from or what your past may be.” ~ Associated Content

“The story line is thoroughly engaging and refreshingly original, and Kooman’s richly visual style injects a compelling liveliness into every page.” ~ Red Deer Express

“Imaginative and descriptive, Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings of Acchora is … sure to please and delight readers of all ages. A thrilling page turner, the story is told in the tradition of adventure and fantasy fiction, a survivor tale about courage and finding voice.” ~ PR Log

“Although aimed at a younger audience primarily, there’s no question adults will also enjoy the book and get hooked on the likeable Jill’s constant stream of adventures.” ~ Red Deer Express