We Are the Body - World Premiere

Nominated for three 2015 Calgary Theatre Critics Awards: Best New Script (Andrew Kooman); Best  Actress (Heather Pattengale); Best Actor (John McIver)

“Andrew Kooman’s We Are the Body is a thoughtful, harrowing drama…. It all has the ring of authentic truth to it….The castturn in powerful performances.”
Stephen Hunt, Calgary Herald

FOUR STARSWe Are the Body couldn’t be more relevant and unsettling”
Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

“At a time when the planet is boiling over with religious conflict, We Are the Body dramatizes the redemptive power of faith in a way [that] is universal” — Calgary Herald

“Rewarding, moving… delightful!” — Theatre critic Colette Kehler

The lyrical, intense script delivered an emotion-packed evening of theatre.”
Red Deer Advocate

“Waldschmidt clearly has a way with actors – Bratton, McIver and Pattengale are all exceptional….Pattengale, in particular, is outstanding.”
Red Deer Express


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She Has A Name


“If you truly love theater, you must see this play. And I promise you, it is a play you will carry with you long after the lights have gone up.”
Folsom Telegraph

“She Has A Name [is] a heart-wrenching hit… 4 stars!”
Calgary Sun

“Brace yourself…. Compassion and equally forceful excoriations drives the moral narrative in a distressingly emotional but physically satisfying way.”
Plank Magazine

“Without a doubt the most worthwhile piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. It elegantly mixes the heart wrenching horror of sex slavery with the real-life difficulties of heroism.”
Art Threat

“She Has A Name is like the issue it presents – frank, gripping, raw.”
Maranatha News

She Has a Name is a nervy, poignant drama that bravely tackles [the Asian sex trade].”
Calgary Herald – 4 Star Review

“5 out of 5! Some plays take your breath away.  She Has a Name crushes the breath out of you.”
Theatre Reviewer Donald McKenzie


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Disappointed By Hope


“This book is “a siren call [that] will… forever take us from our complacency to the plight of so many lost, lonely and hurting.”
Dennis Ignatius,Former High Commissioner of Malaysia to Canada

“What a powerful book on modern day slavery – what awful, yet incredible stories and what practical opportunities for people to be involved. I could not put the book down.”

“I had expected Disappointed by Hope to be a great resource, to have facts and information…. It goes way beyond that. With each carefully constructed story and prayer …I am convinced that this prayer booklet will transform both the engaged reader and the situation of migrants and refugees.”
EyeSee Media

“Readers are left with powerful impressions of these often unimaginable experiences. His writing is raw and convicting but never heavy-handed. Kooman has a gift for showing the harsh realities many in the world face while pointing readers to practical ways they can help make a difference.” Red Deer Express

Ten Silver Coins: The Dryling of Acchora

“The story line is thoroughly engaging and refreshingly original, and his richly visual style injects a compelling liveliness into every page. Although aimed at a younger audience primarily, there’s no question adults will also enjoy the book and get hooked on the likable Jill’s constant stream of adventures.”
Red Deer Express

“The first novel in a trilogy of Jill Strong adventures, Ten Silver Coins is an excellent tale of second chances and acceptance, no matter where you come from or what your past may be.”
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