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Before the World Premiere of She Has A Name in February, we had a chance to get a little inside information from the award winning writer, Andrew Kooman.

Here is a look at what has been happening behind the scenes of this full length feature production focused on both the external and the internal battle of human trafficking:

Eye See Media: When you originally wrote She Has A Name, it was just one act. What were your next steps in development?

Andrew Kooman: The original one act had a similar premise: a young girl, forced to work as a prostitute in a Bangkok brothel was approached by a man, posing as a john and haunted by voices who usher her to her fate.  Developing it as a full length play required another hour of material, with some more character development (especially of Jason, the investigator), more scene work to develop his conflict and more obstacles in the way of his heroic goal.  In the process, Jason’s wife Ali came to life, an important addition that added a tenderness and accessibility to Jason that was necessary to the story and raised the stakes of the conflict.

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