My brother Dan is in Columbia doing some filming for the upcoming documentary In Search of Revival with David Youngren.  They’ve been conducting interviews and getting shots in Cali and Bogata.
Here’s an amazing report from Dan about the spiritual and political backdrop the Columbian church lives in: 
What we have been experiencing is incredible. The commitment of the Church in Colombia has continually amazed me. The Dedication to serving God is beautiful. Two days ago we met with and interviewed the pastors of the largest church in the country. Several years ago the husband was kidnapped by FARC, the ‘for the people’ antipolitical group of guerrillas that live in the jungle and do things like bomb buildings downtown, attempt assassinations and so on. He was chained for 6 months to a tree in the jungle. His wife, an amazing woman, was led to go in to the jungle, and meet with the very men that took him, including a famous revolutionary.. First, she said her husband was doing something good for the people of Colombia, so he was therefore wrongfully kidnapped. She then said she had come to preach the gospel to them. So she preached to thousands of guerrillas in the jungle on and off for the next 4 months. It also so happened that the main leader responsible was ill, so she laid her hands on him and prayed and he was completely healed.
After he was released the church exploded in growth to over 200,000 registered members. On Sunday morning I film there in the weekend service with over 10,000 in attendance. Today we witnessed an amazing service as well, where after the message over 15 people were healed, from chronic pain, carpal tunnel, deafness, infections and so on. There were some very neat testimonies. The service ended at 10 and we went for dinner. I sat with the interpreter and asked him questions about his 13 years in US federal prison for drug trafficking from Colombia to the US. He became a Christian in prison and then pastored the church in the prison and saw many others get saved. He learned such good english in jail that he now interprets for pastors from all over the world.

I was intrigued to see this photograph on today, of Sigifredo Lopez, a former provincial lawmaker who was released this week in Cali (where Dan’s been filming) after 6 years of captivity at the hand of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC).  This stuff is real!  How amazing that captives are being released.