As Long as Her Planet Turns

As Long as Her Planet Turns

you will have equilibrium
and everything will be
alright.  well, sort of.

there’s limitations, no doubt.
astrophysics and gravity, goose
bumps and bedevilry
pickled herring and geometry.
not to mention the discussion of
origins and species
the other things
multitudes wax on and
off about until the wobbling

hail Kepler and
book a workout on the
elliptical machine
he should have something to say
about how quick the calories
dissolve and burn as we orbit.

but when it stops?
another story.  think
mourning, glory.

will do our best to keep
her  spinning on axis
allied with the right
nexus of thoughts to think
problems to solve
distractions and blinks.

lose control and
it’s all shambles.

© 2009 andrew kooman