Excite More Difference

Excite More Difference

change happens
over time
not only with the hammer’s blow
flattening heated metal
into the right shape
to equip the hand for
necessary violence
but erodes away at the indefatigable
nature of our desire
those structures good and perhaps not
before and around us
that need to be shaped
lest we stand still
blocked for movement
our voice the only voice
echoed off the rock

the first drip of water
the promise of the coming flood
a prayer spent and thrown
a forerunner to the coming onslaught

where we, with the tools in our hand
reign down blow after blow
like the rain which fell in bursts
to change the monolithic slab of fate
before us
inflict our violence against it
where the rain has gathered in pools

and when our blistered hands
no longer grasp and clutch with strength
breathless we bend to
fill our excited lungs
we lean fully against the stretching fabric of
our imagination
tear a hole through the cocoon of our perception to
grab and reach
for the idea beyond ourselves
unexpected and new
that will make all the difference

© 2009 andrew kooman