I Who Am Entering

I Who Am Entering

the heavens with a spear
to rend and slice the sky
as a hunter guts a

will unveil mysteries
in the path you walk
as a warrior lines out
to dry in the sun
arms stained in blood
from knuckle to elbow

I who am entering
the atmosphere
with no instrument but
a hollow throat
will shout a thunderous cry
as the sky streaks fire at my

will pull back the string of the bow
aim the arrows held in my five-fingered
send a volley of such violence
into the hardened meat of your heart
deliver a wound deeper
than any fatal blow I would
inflict upon an enemy

I who am entering
the world again
light and spry as a pathfinder
panting like a wolf
hungry for flesh
after a long, terrible winter

will find a way
through the ice melt and
over land and snow
to cure you of your foreign diseases
scare off the ghosts that
hide between wafts of smoke
bring you home

© 2010 andrew kooman