When You Sit and Imagine

When You Sit and Imagine

when you sit down and imagine
what do you see
what colour are the leprechauns, how
spicy the chai tea

i thought i saw a spindle
wrapped in golden thread
it really was an angel
stars trailing in its stead

i went into the kitchen ’cause i
thought i heard a mouse
i opened the fridge to find it
it was a doorway out of  my house

the trees through the portal were
white instead of green
the nuns and priests were smiling
but the elephants were mean

i tiptoed through the tulips
and it suited me just fine
there were empty bottles of plumb sauce
and rivers of rice wine

the cows could sing soprano
and the geese flew east and west
the sky was never cloudless
and the cheese put hair on your chest

i thought about the future
it reminded me of the past
i wished i could stay forever
but the moment didn’t last

i ate the bowl of cherries
forgot to spit out all the pits
the snow fell to the ground as ice cubes
and they stuck to my mitts

i whistled at the chickadees
and the tune became a prayer
when you sit down and imagine
you can travel anywhere

© 2009 Andrew Kooman