write against time

Write against time
the way a metal blade whittles
wood against the grain

rend and haw to the cord
until hands callous, club
taut on the nub.

Write against time
the way salmon charge
toward the inevitable
onslaught of death

refuse food, water
so the desiccated stomach shrinks
to the size of a

make room for eggs, sperm
so turgid waters
flood fresh with spawn

drown and fade
anchored to the mudflat by
the swollen kype.

Write against time
the way the hand holds the
eye on the field ahead
stubborn and defiant as a
muzzled ox

let not thy left hand know
what the writing hand doth

left can rock or cradle
rob the grave, finger
the edges of the
empty tomb

while the other member
grips the instrument
to swath and churn
cull the upturned soil
fling out mould and weed in

Write against time
while the planets runs their
curved, efficient
flung across the ether
in their harped and shuttled

’til the sun with starry
tail aflame is
betwixt fingers, slick from
the wetted eternal tongue, upon the
ever-shortening wick.

© 2010 andrew kooman