write to see

words a-muck in trope
shadows stirred, taking flight
six days to shape the void
night for day; day for night.

truth is skinned and flailed,
the jaws of language tear and bite
we hang our coats on the nail
unhomed souls think fight or flight

the sky  is flown and spent
strung up as a kite
wind rakes and spreads the trailing clouds
swings with all her might.

the door is shut then sealed
the clamp is fixed and tight
water heaves and spills the fury
the wrong before respite.

the grays between the black
the shades between the white
as the firebrand stokes and glows
surely sight makes write.

the sun blows careless rays,
shucked and spit by the mischievous sprite;
after rain the randy bow
bends to impossible height.

words scratch like a chin
turn in patterned tribal rites.
feathered doves and ravens winged
hover over, caw the blight

the swarming sea it foams
surging clean and bright
the creatured world is named
the way we see the way we write.

© 2010 andrew kooman