put down the glasscased
hardfaced digitcrunched
dexterity machines

turn off the phone-apped
metalscrap that turns you
on every hour of every day

figure out c’mon let’s
hear you shout
when a word means

unplug then debug
your scrambledbrain of an egg

carve your lovehungered
undiscovered feeling
on the formerforest

portmanteau a phrase
and then find ways to unpack it
even if it means taking
that egg from the fridge to crack it

morpheme dope and
heroine binges
increase the amount of
narrative hinges

so count out your thoughtbeats
bendknee in sacred mindtweets
of language

outsource the innercourse
by scratching out
the thoughtitch

overreach your underthoughts
tie the fear in twisted knots

don’t turn on the tubebreast
or sit on the potatorest
until you write something

© 2010 andrew kooman