I just got off the phone with James Popoff, the artistic director of Burnt Thicket Theatre, which is producing She Has A Name across Canada. He gave me some great news!  Our Fuel the Tour campaign was a success.  In the last week we received donations to cover all the remaining fuel costs to bring the show from city to city!

At the start of the tour we invited Canadians to help us  send the play across the country by putting gas in the tour van.  As of June 30, the costs of travel between cities are covered!  Thanks to all the generous donors who helped to fuel the tour from city to city.  We are all so grateful!

Does this mean we’re in the clear?  Are our financial needs all now met for the tour?  In short, no. But our fuel costs are.  And so I just wanted (and need) to honk the metaphorical celebratory tour horn! [Toot toot].

I’m so grateful to everyone who gave in this way to help the wheels on the tour vehicle keep turning! Thank you.

As you can appreciate, bringing this story from coast to coast is an enormous undertaking for all of us involved.  As a playwright it’s been amazing to be able to work so closely with Burnt Thicket and with Raise Their Voice to make this production a reality.  We’re doing it because we believe in this story.

I’m humbled by the willingness of everyone who has given so much time, resource and energy to ensure the tour goes forward.

There are a lot of lessons along the way for me in this experience.  One at the forefront is the nature of fueling a dream.  It requires faith.  Which is another word for audacity.  Which ultimately means coming to terms with the fact that you can’t do it on your own.  Which means one must draw on something other and beyond their own capacity to realize said dream.

The good report from Jamie reaffirms (again!) something I believe in theory: God can fill emptiness full – even an empty gas tank.  And he does it in surprising ways.  Through other people.

And so good news like this builds my faith and it galvanizes us as a team to continue to move forward boldly to the remaining cities on the tour.  We continue to receive evidence of the very thing we hope for.

May you have faith in your own life as you pursue your own dreams.  May all your emptiness be filled!

 — ak

Fuel She Has a Name from Lethbridge to Saskatoon

Fuel She Has a Name from Letbridge to Saskatoon

Fuel She Has a Name from Saskatoon to Ottawa

Fuel She Has a Name from Ottawa to Montreal

Fuel She Has a Name from Montreal to Halifax

Fuel She Has a Name from Halifax to Winnipeg

Fuel She Has a Name from Winnipeg to Calgary

Fuel She Has a Name from Calgary to Victoria

Fuel She Has a Name from Victoria Vancouver

Fuel She Has a Name from Vancouver to Kelowna

Fuel She Has a Name from Kelowna to Edmonton

Fuel She Has a Name from Edmonton to Red Deer

Fuel She Has a Name from Red Deer to Calgary