i’m reading Andrew Murray.
because i want to learn how to pray
again.  or, perhaps for the very first

he writes about
the Our Father, what he calls
The Model Prayer:

Our Father
which art
in heaven

His Father, Murray says,
is our Father, too.
It is the essence of redemption:
Christ delivers us
from the curse
so that we can become
the children of God.

words that quicken my heart
and these:

No one ever loses anything
by sacrificing
for the Father.  This must
all our prayer.

ought not we long to pray?

with so many others in need
with words
among them David’s
(who was a man after the heart of God).

his words a comfort as my dear aunt
lies in a coma
the breath of life
pumped into her chest
breathed by a machine
but also by God
who breathes life into the tired and feeble lungs of the world.
words others dare risk
and with faith pray:
I shall not die, but live
and declare the works
of the LORD