Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with book making.  It’s been quite fun.

And now I’m pleased to offer my collection of poems as a limited edition volume of poetry.  It’s handcrafted in two senses: 1) I wrote the poems and 2) I made the book from scratch.

All in all, it’s a labor of love, and a sign post in the existential quest of life and creativity.


A collection of vivid, image-based poems, God/he is both love song and shouting match, an existential celebration and struggle between the human and Divine. The work is written in the spiritual tradition of wisdom literature and paradox, framed by the stories of Job and Jacob who wrestled with God.

Themes the collection examines are the power and force of words, the risk of love, and the inevitable suffering of man and God as they live and interact with each other.

Through the collection He faces the agony and insanity of existence head on as he starts to become more and more unfamiliar with the God he thinks he knows so well, a God who is a trickster and green-thumb, a bloodhound on the trail, a doctor who treats Chlamydia before lunch.

Selected poems from God/he were published in Rock and Sling (2004) and chosen for the annual Utmost Poetry contest (2004 and 2005).

Read a sample of the award-winning poems.

Limited Edition Handcrafted Book
$30.00 (plus S+H)

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