Each year I like to take time during the holiday season to reflect on the meaning of Christmas and to put something down in verse. As I considered the story of Bethlehem, that long journey of a poor and humble couple to the rustic creche, my thoughts went to the sheer impossibility of the transaction, when the divine took on flesh.  Imagine that moment of decision, when the Incarnation was initiated. And there was no turning back.

How incredible the plan for the Holy to converge upon the profane and, in the collision of two worlds, consecrate it. What kind of celestial manoeuvring was required to bring abundant life to bear?

As I considered these things, I became enthralled with a sort of brilliance, like the afterglow of comet’s tail when it’s thrown across the night. And that image, of a silver thread in the winter sky, provoked me to pen this Christmas poem for 2014.

I hope you enjoy it, and spend a pleasant holiday, near to those you love.  Do grant yourself time to let your heart fall into a spell of wonder at what, in heaven’s name, has taken place.

Merry Christmas,

— ak

Heaven must come down - Christmas 2014, a poem by Andrew Kooman


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