Hope in Action featured in Red Deer Express

Hope in Action featured in Red Deer Express

Andrew Kooman is gearing up for the release of Hope in Action – a new book detailing the unimaginable stories of migrants and refugees seeking work and a better life in Malaysia. As is chronicled in the book, foreign workers are often promised contracts in their home countries by outsourcing agencies.


But when they arrive in Malaysia, they don’t receive the promised wages. Many find themselves in the middle of dire circumstances as they try to carve out new lives for themselves in a foreign land.

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Hope in Action - Red Deer Express

About Hope In Action

Shocking stories of human rights abuses in South East Asia have now been heard around the world. Hope in Action gives an up-close look at the lives of migrants and refugees as they come to Malaysia. It portrays an honest and eye-opening account of their experiences.

Through stories, photographs, reflections and extensive research, Hope in Action shines a light on what many migrant workers and refugees currently endure in Malaysia. It will refresh compassion for people who are in desperate situations and equip readers to help those in need.

Join the thousands of readers throughout Malaysia and around the world who are compelled to become true hope in action!

Want to order print copies for your study group, youth group, book club or church?  Order print copies here.

Hope In Action

Pre-sale price: $3.99

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About The Author

Andrew Kooman

Andrew Kooman writes for the page, stage and screen. He is the author of the highly acclaimed stage plays We Are the Body and She Has A Name which is now a feature film from Unveil Studios, the production company he co-founded with brothers Matthew and Daniel Kooman. Andrew’s stories have been published around the world and translated into more than 10 languages.

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