On October 1st, I am going to ride 70km on a really uncomfortable bike seat. On October 2nd, I am going to be glad it is over.

Raise Their Voice, an organization I am a part of, is joining the Ride for Refuge to raise funds for the North American tour of my play  She Has a Name. Produced by Burnt Thicket Theatre, the play has already touched the hearts of thousands of Canadians, but is a story I hope many more will experience. The play deals with the realties of child sex slavery and the devastating nature of the exploitation one of millions of children in the world face.

Raising awareness is the beginning of the journey for individuals who want to help bring restoration to the trafficked and exploited. That is why I am riding. And that’s, ultimately, why I wrote the play. The  2011 Ride for Refuge is a cycling fundraiser that supports over 150 charitable partners who in turn support thousands more who are displaced, vulnerable or exploited – refugees, orphans, widows, street kids, the urban poor, homeless, victims of human trafficking.  The list is extensive.

This fall 6000+ other riders and volunteers in Canada and the USA will raise $1,300,000 for some of the most marginalized people in our world. The ride I am a part of takes place near Gull Lake Alberta and will be beautiful. There is an option to ride 20 or 70 km, or if riding isn’t your thing, others are simply joining to raise funds or volunteering. If you want to take part in any way to support Raise Their Voice and Burnt Thicket Theatre please hit the link at the bottom of this post.

She Has a Name will help shape change and begin a release of freedom for many stuck in impossible conditions most of us can’t even imagine. 70 kms on a bike is really a small sacrifice, and it isn’t the last I and many others will personally make to play a part in reshaping the culture that currently allows such awful realities.

Please help me meet my personal goal to raise $500 by giving a $5 or $10 donation right here. Or, join the ride! Bike with me by joining my team – KooMen.

Please ride, donate, and believe with us that the goal to tour the play and, most importantly, to abolish the modern day slave trade, will occur in our life times!


With thanks for KooMEN team captain Matthew Kooman for some of the wordsmithing on this post.