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The Candidates Interviews

For City Council

Lawrence Lee *elected

Matt Chapin

Calvin Goulet-Jones

Ken Johnston *elected

Dawna Morey

Lynne Mulder (Incumbent) *elected

Dianne Wyntjes (Incumbent) *elected

Buck Buchanan (Incumbent) *elected

Tim Lasiuta

Tanya Handley *elected

Chad Mason (for Mayor)

Dennis Moffat

Serge Gingras

Lloyd Johnson

Janella Spearing

Terry Balgobin

Victor Mobley

Paul Harris (Incumbent) *elected

Dennis Trepanier (for Mayor)

Cindy Jefferies (for Mayor)

Jonathan Wieler

Tara Veer (for Mayor) *elected

Bettylyn Baker

Frank Wong (Incumbent) *elected


So, Why am I doing this (again)?

During the last election I interviewed each candidate for Council and for Mayor.  It helped me to learn about many candidates I’d never heard of before.  I found it quite time consuming to track down websites for candidates, read through their platforms, and so on. I wanted to ask Questions I actually cared about and thought the feature could help people who stopped by the site too. To my surprise it was a very popular resource for people in Red Deer wanting to make informed decisions, garnering thousands of hits.

The Why: I love the city of Red Deer, where I was born and raised. I work in Red Deer and own a business, so Council’s decisions directly affect me and many of my local friends, colleagues and clients.

This year I’m once again seeking to interview candidates as a way to learn about Red Deer’s choices for Council. It can be difficult for the average person to find info about candidates – especially new ones some Red Deerians haven’t met or hear of –  if, like me, you tend to get news online and don’t get any print news.  And it’s nice to hear candidates running for the same seats answer the similar Qs.

I would be thrilled if you took the time (I know you’re busy) to answer the 10 questions below.  Of course there’s no obligation for you to answer them.  It’s simply an opportunity to showcase yourself and to engage the Qs I – and I think my friends and associations – care about.

About My Process

I’m asking the Qs of my own volition (believe it or not, no one’s put me up to this)

  • I don’t plan to publicly endorse any candidate for Council
  • All candidates for City Council (whose email addresses I could track down) were contacted and asked 10 Qs via email. I asked the 4 Incumbents the same set of Qs and all New Candidates the same 10 Qs
  • I mixed the Qs up a bit for the Mayoral candidates
  • Candidates who’ve joined the fun will have As published starting 21 September, an interview will be published each successive day thereafter
  • a note about grammar, spelling and punctuation: I’ve published the interviews as they were submitted by the candidates, via email.  You can’t judge a book by its cover, and I don’t think you should judge a person by their spelling.  Perhaps it’s wise to evaluate a candidate by their proficiency with language. As a writer such things are important for me.  In some of the responses that are published it didn’t seem right to edit.  As a published author who has grammatical errors in print (it pains me! but I do) I am not quick to  judge. I left Candidate responses in the state in which they were submitted to me, please speak to them if you have concerns about spelling or grammar.
  • Candidate interviews are featured in the order their Answers came back to me 

Did you Know?

– the vote takes place 21 October, 2013
– you can vote in advance
– there’s 4 people running for Mayor
– there are 30 candidates for City Council
– 8 City Councilors will be elected
– if you’re on twitter, helpful tags to track the election are #voteRD and #RedDeer
– there are candidates for the Public and Catholic school boards

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