While She Has A Name was on tour, I was busy researching and writing new work about prisoners of conscience behind the Iron Curtain.  That project is now taking form as my newest play We Are the Body,  which will have its World Premiere in May 2015.

If you were moved or riveted by She Has A Name, I know that you will enjoy We Are the Body.  It’s going to be an incredible night of theatre!

I am fortunate to be teaming up again again with the salt-of-the-earth folks at Burnt Thicket Theatre.

It’s refreshing, after the long immersion in words, to surface and move the words from the page to the stage. Finding the actors to inhabit the words, the director to shepherd the performances,  producers to ‘make it happen’ and the technical crew to turn on (and off) the lights.

I’ve carried these words for years. How sweet to to be able to share them now with others.

Beyond a producing team, every creative venture needs the support and belief of a wider community to get the story off the ground.  And this go-around is no different!  We need help to see this play properly launched into the world.

That’s why I want to ask: Will you help make the story a reality? There are a few ways you can help us:

1. Purchase tickets for a show in Red Deer, Calgary or Saskatoon

As a playwright, I want you to have an unforgettable, meaningful experience.  I believe you’ll get that through We Are the Body. The story will move you, challenge you, and get you talking.  I invite you to get a group of friends and together purchase your tickets in advance.  For us, knowing that you’ll be there to support the show is a huge help. And you can make sure you secure seats (we’re hoping to sell them out).

Here are links to where you can purchase tickets:

RED DEER, Alberta | MAY 5 – 9  Buy Tickets

CALGARY, Alberta | MAY 13 – 23 Buy Tickets

SASKATOON, Saskatchewan | MAY 26 – 31 Buy Tickets

Please come and see it.  I hope we can dialogue and grapple with the subject matter together, long after the final curtain.

2. Connect us with people who will sponsor aspects of the tour

Along with working on final rehearsal and production details, the producing team at Burnt Thicket continues to raise funds to offset costs that will not be covered by ticket revenue.  We are seeking a handful of Corporate Sponsors to finance the project. Partnerships like these play an integral role in bringing this new play to life in three unique Canadian cities.

Please take a moment to think through your list of contacts. Do you know people who:

  • Are passionate about helping bring creativity to life?
  • Are committed to helping suffering of marginalized populations?
  • Want to ensure new and valuable stories are told in a professional way?
  • Are active in addressing  human rights?

If anyone comes to mind, please connect them with me  or send them the link to this Corporate Sponsorship info.

I hope you’ll join me and Burnt Thicket in our journey with We Are the Body.  My world has changed because of my time spent with this story, and I think yours will too when you get involved.

Whether it’s helping out behind the scenes or sitting in the seats of a dark theatre, waiting for the curtain to open and the show to play out, I can’t wait for you to connect with the production and to experience this story yourself!

 We Are the Body by Andrew Kooman

Synopsis: In solitary confinement behind the Iron Curtain of post-war Romania, Elsie’s only companions are two other prisoners she cannot touch or see, tortured like her for their beliefs.  As they tap out messages in Morse code, the unseen comrades trigger memories from Elsie’s former life.  Past and present collide as Elsie is forced to imagine a future without torture or faith.

Inspired by actual events, We Are the Body will engage audiences in an important conversation around the suffering of marginalized populations and the human right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.