Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the writer and dramatist who made the world aware of the Russian forced labour system, said in his 1973 Nobel Lecture that the artist’s duty is to be a receptor for that “one word of truth that outweighs the world.”   For me, there is no better way to describe the essence of the heart of worship.  Words are the seeds of our creativity, seeds that are planted, take root, and grow into expressions of worship in due season.

These are a few of the words I used to describe my understanding of what worship looks like in my application for the Leczszynski & Wales Scholarship.  I was pleased to learn on Sunday that I was one of the recipients of the first annual award.  I’m thankful to Streams Church and the committee for their generous grant, which I applied for in order to publish my children’s novel Ten Silver Coins.

The grant is a worship arts scholarship meant to foster and develop artists in the body at Streams.

I am encouraged and look forward to seeing the book in my hands, and getting the story into the hands and hearts of others.