Oh come let us adore him


Another year comes to its end, with so much to be thankful for and on which to reflect.  My 2013 has been very full and blessed, and I hope that yours has been too.   No matter what peaks and valleys we have walked to or tromped through, no matter where we wish to be or where we are setting our sails to go, it is astonishing to think that we cannot escape the love and grace that has always pursued us.

Christmas is a time to remember that wherever we are and whoever we are, God is with us.  And he will never leave us.

After reflecting on the story of Christ’s surprising birth as recorded in Luke and Matthew and all the strange details therein, I wrote the following poem, my way of entering the wonder and meaning of the season.  I offer it to you in perplexity and with hope.  Merry Christmas to you and yours.

– ak

Light of the world - a poem by Andrew Kooman Light of the world - a poem by Andrew Kooman