I’ve never been a hat guy, but this cap from A21 converted me. It was given as a gift by Mali Na (via Donna Abraham) on our film set in Thailand. Malina plays the role of Leslie, the woman overseeing aftercare for survivors of sex trafficking in She Has A Name.

I’d heard about A21 for a few years, but this was my first connection with the organization. How surreal my first in-person real introduction was to have one of their amazing people enact a role in the film I wrote that addresses the issue they fight every day!

I’m proud to wear the hat, especially after hearing the heart of the org’s founder Christine Caine. After we finished shooting the film, I started to listen to her a lot (on youtube on my lunch break), in part thanks to my wife Petra,who loves her teaching so much. My jaw dropped when I heard Christine share during one of her many talks about her childhood. She repeated a few times, “I had no name!” and then she spoke so powerfully about the the value of those millions of vulnerable women and men who are trafficked all over the world.

Malina on set with Director Matt Kooman and Deborah Fennelly (MARTA) with script supervisor Holly Pillsbury in rehearsals of a scene

This heart, to underscore the humanity behind the statistics, the undeniable value of a single life, is what propels this story. I’m so amazed at how God is touching the hearts of people like you and me and using great women like Malina and Christine Caine to do something to change the horrible reality of people like Number 18 in the film.

For the next few days I feel compelled as we lead up to the global launch of the film on December 2 (The UN’s International Day for the Abolition of Slavery) to take stock of some of the things I’m thankful for as we release She Has A Name in a whole new way to the world.

It has been such a meaningful adventure to walk with this story since I wrote the stage play, writing it for the screen and now producing it as a film.

As I’ve learned with the other big projects we’ve launched, it’s important to remember and to take stock of the many blessings of the process, to mark the journey of inception to reality, the places you moved to in faith.


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