Do you ever look back and track how your plans or your dreams take shape?  I’ve taken some time to reflect recently on the last decade and it’s amazing to see how when we set our hearts and minds to goals, roll up our sleeves to do the hard work as best we can, that things take shape.

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The creative journey is an interesting one to map, and if you’ve been following mine, you’ll note a few twists and turns.  You’ll also know that over the last number of months I’ve been collaborating with creative business partners to bring to life The Space in the heart of downtown Red Deer. [Here’s a few articles about us in the local press: [Red Deer Advocate | Red Deer Living Red Deer Express]

The Space offers a place for artists, entrepreneurs, activists and visionaries to create and connect.  And drink good coffee.

It functions in a few ways:

1. To provide production and office space for the production company  – Unveil Studios – that I co-own and operate with my talented brothers Matt + Dan

2. To provide production and office space for Melodious Design Recording Co. – owned and operated by Heath + Shauna West, who record albums and engineer amazing audio

3. To bring creative people together in Central Alberta so they can record and produce amazing film and music that can influence people around the world

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It’s a studio.  It’s a place to connect. It’s ripe with possibilities.

Over the last number of months, we’ve spent ample time renovating The Space with our own hands. The result is a beautiful, hi-tech, creative sound stage unique to Red Deer. This week we passed the inspection which allows us to have occupancy.  Cue the chorus of operatic, celebratory song.

It makes me think.  Just as our businesses are taking residence in The Space, a physical place, to produce work, so must we as artists, occupy our artistry, activate and engage our creative talents. We need to get to the business of getting to work.

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Something I’ve noticed over the last decade as I write and create, lead workshops and speak, and connect with other artists, is that there are two types of creative people: those who simply talk about their work and those who actually do the work. The former don’t get much done.  I want to be part of the latter group, and want to help others to be successful in developing their craft as well.

That’s why I’m so happy that we can finally open the doors to The Space and why I want to welcome you to create there.  Perhaps there’s an album you want to put down, finally.  Maybe there’s a creative project that’s been on your mind. The work won’t create itself.  You have to blacken the page, fill the room with sound, take a risk.

We can help you.  Our Space Club provides room and time for you to have access to both our live recording room and work space in order to create.  If you need time and space to focus on your craft consider joining the Club as a way to step forward in your creative path.

We’re also offering a great deal on studio time throughout September to celebrate the opening.  If you need an incentive to create, there it is!

Wherever you are, whatever your craft, keep rolling up your sleeves to do the work.  Connect with people who are not only creative, but who are creating  And don’t give yourself any more excuses.

It’s time to create.   And you’re always welcome to come and create in The Space.

The Space - Red Deer