It was a privilege to be a guest for an hour tonight on Glendene Grant’s blog talk radio show to talk about the tour and her missing daughter Jessie Foster.  I first connected with Glendene when she left a comment on a post on this site and we’ve since become friends.

Glendene spoke at an event Raise Their Voice put on in Red Deer last April and has become a strong and compassionate advocate for parents with missing children.

We covered a lot of ground, survived some technical difficulties, and it was a pleasure to be her guest.

You can listen to our conversation here: Andrew Kooman talks on Blog Talk Radio with Glendene Grant.

I blab at the following minute marks (if you want to listen to what I have to say and can only do byte-sizes:
13:19; 16:05; 27:25; 37:10; 39:32; 43:20; 47:12; 49:19; 52:23; 54:00; 55:25; 61:29; 66:49; 73:03