1 Corinthians
(read my examination of the text – PDF)

Some of the passages in the letter to the Corinthians seem bizarre, others are controversial. We know the city was a wild mix of pleasure seekers, religious fanatics, and people with money to burn. The apostle Paul wrote the letter against a complicated cultural backdrop that influenced the church.

The following article breaks down as follows:
– The City of Corinth
– From Immorality to Immortality
– Paul’s Divine Appointment
– Sanctified Sinners
– Deconstructing Disunity
– Dualism: Body/Spirit Disconnect
– Marriage Woos and Woes
– Food Sacrificed to Idols
– Self Defense
– Remodeling the Spiritual House
– How to Dress in Church
– The Lord’s Supper
– Unity and Spiritual Gifts
– Body Building
– Getting Practical: Loved Lived Out
– The Importance of the Resurrection
– The Centrality of Christ

Read my examination of Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians – (PDF)