That Towering Cross

Synopsis: Anna returns to the small town church she grew up attending for its annual Easter production after a ten year absence. When she meets Joshua after the performance, her view of the cross as a tired, old symbol is challenged not only by his invitation to imagine it differently, but her need for it to be something more.

Production History

The World Premiere of That Towering Cross took place in Red Deer, Alberta from March 26 – 28.

Commissioned and presented by The Central Alberta Pregnancy Care Centre, the Easter Premiere Musical Production was directed by Annette Bradley & Laura Geelen and helped to raise more than $85,000 for charity for CAPCC’s special housing project accepted. 

Other Plays by Andrew Kooman

Shetler Cover
We Are the Body by Andre Kooman
Joseph by Andre Kooman

Haunted by anguished voices, a lawyer poses as a john to build a legal case against a brothel trafficking girls into Bangkok. Can he win the trust of a young prostitute and convince her to risk her life for the sake of justice?

History: 2011 Premiere in Calgary, Alberta | 2012 Canadian Tour

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Pat Donnely
Pat Donnely Montreal Gazette

She Has a Name is a polished, well-acted production of a play with an urgent message about human trafficking.

Gerry Camp
Gerry Camp Folsom Telegraph

If you truly love theater, you must see this play. And I promise you, it is a play you will carry with you long after the lights have gone up.

Liz Nicholls
Liz Nicholls Edmonton Journal

Bravely, She Has A Name isn’t a simple-minded empowerment document, First World to the rescue. It builds suspense. Will Number 18 be newly victimized by activists as their prize witness, a sacrificial lamb to the larger campaign to build a case against human traffickers? Let’s just say, that’s when social-action theatre takes the longer view.

This is heavy subject matter that resonates emotionally.

Plank Vancouver
Brace yourself…. Compassion and equally forceful excoriations drives the moral narrative in a distressingly emotional but physically satisfying way.
Winnipeg CBC
4 Stars! She Has a Name is a play that is well performed [and] tells an important story…. The talented cast tackles the material admirably.
Estelle Rosen
Estelle Rosen
5 out of 5! She Has A Name had its way with me…. A powerful, haunting theatre piece.
Ignite 107
Ignite 107 Winnipeg
5 STARS ABSOLUTE MUST SEE! “This play polished to perfection. Be a witness to She Has a Name and you’ll never be the same.
Lana Michelen
Lana Michelen Red Deer Advocate
A non-stop, 90-minute tour de force production that’s both action-packed and ultimately gut-wrenching…. Buy a ticket simply because She Has a Name provides a thought-provoking, compelling evening of theatre.