Today is International Human Trafficking Awareness Day in the USA.  To mark the day I wanted to publish a poem I wrote a few years ago as I started to become aware and convinced that the suffering of the poor, the abused, and the oppressed is the suffering of Christ.

I submit it here as prayer and to remember today that so many suffer.  May we reach out hands of compassion that effect change.

oh how the children have fallen

oh how the children have

but not so far
and not so low
as you

who suffered them
to your knee

looked into their

spoke words
of destiny

light and transparent
as the wind

how the children have fallen

but not so hard
and hopelessly
as you

for the neck
on which hangs the
heavy miller’s stone
drown in the sea

treachery that their

black stones

crafted in dark caverns
heavy and hard to move
would weigh on your

suffer the open arms
that suffered the little ones

a yoke too brutal
to shoulder alone

and when the final
stone fell

fell and fell
for days

on impact
crushed you
with the weight of
all brutality
ever done against
once innocent

abuse that made them
old and marked
before the day they
learned to speak

for the first time
since the worlds were
and you called forth

not even a candle
with light
to see

the above poem is from God/he and is © 2010 andrew kooman