In 2004 I started to experiment with what I’ve started to call poempictures. Words arranged visually.  It’s been a way for me to wade into the stream of consciousness and get my toes wet.  I’ve had some exciting and meaningful discoveries as a result.

I think the seeds for such visual verse experiments were planted in two unique ways.  The first would be through the poetry of bp Nichol whose work I admire.  His “Love Evolves” is a beautiful example for me of the potential of language and the arrangement of words. Another influence, however indirect, was the work of a certain artists in Israel, whose cards were all over the city of Jerusalem and beyond.  Whole passages of scripture written out in Hebrew making in beautiful photographs.

I wouldn’t compare my work to theirs (dare I insult them).  The following, for me, are simply another way into words.

He’s Got the Whole World in His Head

Enter the Stream

What Dreams May Come

Heart of a Saint, Mind of a Scholar, Skin of a Rhino

Mirror, Mirror

Anywhere is a here with a double you