“The idea that you write poetry your whole life and then suddenly in a very public way have to start thinking about how to make it ‘useful’ for the nation is pretty terrifying. In a culture like ours, where language has been completely and utterly subordinated to the task of selling people things, how do you create a little freedom? Only in art that isn’t designed to sell or convince or sermonize or cajole or urge. Maybe that’s poetry, or at least some poetry.”

– Matthew Zapruder, poet and an editor at Wave Press

“Poems bite and my poems are bitey…. I’m getting tired of myself, tired of inflicting myself on myself. I’m ready to inflict myself on others…. I just lie in bed rigidly and I think about how I have moved from a condition where the world can humiliate me to one where I can humiliate myself. And let down other poets.”

– Kay Ryan on her new role as Poet Laureate in the Unite States

quotes taken from America’s Busiest Poet (TIME)