“Every citizen should read this book and rise to the challenge that Hope in Action sets before us. Each one of us is empowered to make a difference…and we must not hold back.”
~ Dennis Ignatius, Former High Commissioner from Malaysia to Canada

“Rarely does one come across a book that provides such a compelling look at the horrific stories of refugees and migrants looking for a better future. Through a skillful narrative, Andrew creates empathy in the reader …. There is no better time to read, pray and step into action with these incredible stories.”

~ Malina Enlund- Asia Director/ The A21 Campaign

Hope In Action

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Hope in Action

Shocking stories of human rights abuses in South East Asia have now been heard around the world. Hope in Action gives an up-close look at the lives of migrants and refugees as they come to Malaysia. It portrays an honest and eye-opening account of their experiences.

Through stories, photographs, reflections and extensive research, Hope in Action shines a light on what many migrant workers and refugees currently endure in Malaysia. It will refresh compassion for people who are in desperate situations and equip readers to help those in need.

Join the thousands of readers throughout Malaysia and around the world who are compelled to become true hope in action!

Read the foreword by Dennis Ignatius, the former High Commissioner from Malaysia to Canada.

ISBN 978-0-9865813-8-0

“Tremendously crafted and insightful. Hope in Action captures the essence of what people… face in their struggles to survive and make better lives for themselves and their children.”
~ Mark Weber, Red Deer Express

“The stories in this book are insightful and engaging and will stir in you a deeper way to partner with God’s desire for justice through informed and focused prayer.”
~ Josh Yeoh, Director of PenHOP

Sample Story: Run Away

Sample Story: Do What We Want

Trailer 1: Migrants