Four fantastics books. I’m learning about and from great men and women, both living and dead. I usually like to read one book at a time, and sort of plow through it. But it’s becoming a pretty regular thing for me to read multiple books simultaneously with a few fictional books in the mix.

The Wilberforce Connection by Clifford Hill is an examination of the strategies and values of William Wilberforce and the Clapham Group and purposes to learn how lessons from the people who made “goodness fashionable” in England and abolished the slave trade can help us offer society fresh hope today.

The Autobiography of George Mueller, George Mueller. George Mueller was an evangelist and founder of orphanages in the late 1800s who emerged from a culture of nominal religious belief into dynamic, world-changing faith. I first learned about him while reading Catherine Marshall’s Adventure’s in Prayer. Mueller raised millions of dollars in his lifetime, and did it through the discipline of praying in secret, never asking people for money, and yet operating huge budgets without going into debt.

The Preacher and the Presidents, Nancy Gibbs and Michael Duffy. Gibbs who I greatly admire as a writer co-writes a very interesting book about Billy Graham and his relationship to American Presidents.

The Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard. A very important book that’s been on my shelf and recommended to me a few times. Willard walks through the Sermon on the Mount and does away with common preconceptions about life in the Kingdom, announcing at the book’s beginning that so many Christians are flying upside down. Read this!