The Space to create: New downtown recording facility

Published: June 11, 2014 1:29 PM

Matthew Kooman, left, Heath West and Andrew Kooman sit in the unfinished recording studio of The Space. The downtown facilities, which are expected to open in early July, will specialize in film and audio recording services.

by Photo by HARLEY RICHARDS/Advocate Staff

The local recording arts community will soon have a new place to create.

The Space, which is expected to open in downtown Red Deer in early July, will boast a live recording room, isolation booth and editing suites for film and audio.

Artists’ workstations and a lounge area will also be available for those who prefer less technical means of expression.

“We want to have creative people here,” said Matthew Kooman, whose company Unveil Studios Inc. is partnering with Melodious Design Recording Co. to develop The Space.

Matthew, who is a filmmaker, operates Unveil Studios with his brothers Daniel, also a filmmaker; and Andrew, a stage and screen writer. Melodious Design Recording belongs to Heath and Shauna West.

Both businesses are based in Red Deer and date back to the mid-2000s, but neither has had professional production facilities of their own. The nearly 1,600 square feet that they’ll be leasing at 5305 50th Ave. will change this.

Matthew said The Space will allow Unveil to add to the half-dozen films, and other projects, that it’s already done.

“It’s a place where we can be housed to do our work. But we’re going to open and rent out the space by the hour, by the week, for people who want to record albums, do a live music video — those sorts of things.”

Heath is also enthused about the prospects of Melodious having its own studio.

“We’ve always freelanced out of studios, so this is a big venture for us.”

Operating under the same roof should generate synergies for Unveil and Melodious.

“When Heath is recording an album, we can offer the music video service in-house and we can do the production for that,” said Matthew.

Heath added that film production also often requires audio work, like voice-overs.

They agree that many other Central Albertans will use their services as well.

“I know lots of people who have gone to Nashville from Red Deer to record,” said Matthew. “But they would have considered Red Deer.”

“We think artists can save so much in travel,” added Andrew, who even expects The Space to attract business from outside the region.

“We already have clients on (Vancouver) Island.”

Heath attended and taught at Recording Workshop, a music recording and audio production school in his native Ohio, and has been drawing work from people he met there.

The Space is already booking times into the future, he said, and is generating excitement in the recording and film community.

“We’ve kind of kept it under wraps, so we’re just now starting to share the news and tell people about it.”

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