A highlight for me from the World Premiere week was to stand on stage after the screening and to listen to Red Deer’s Mayor Tara Veer make a powerful proclamation about human rights and the city’s commitment to stand against the evil of human trafficking.  This is part of what the Mayor said:

“She Has A Name not only exposes the culture of complicity that allows human trafficking to continue, the film compels us toward private and public action; We are all duty bound to insist that the voices of victims replace their bound silence and that justice triumphs over injustice for them.

— Mayor Tara Veer, City of Red Deer, 2016

Watch the Mayor’s official proclamation:

The mayor also gave a very kind endorsement of Unveil Studios and made a powerful statement about the importance of local engagement to tackle trafficking globally.

Here’s what she had to say:

Here’s a photo of the official proclamation provided by the City of Red Deer

Red Deer Mayor Tara Veer Official Proclamation - She Has A Name film premiere