We had an amazing launch week, premiering She Has A Name at select venues around the world, including my hometown of Red Deer, Alberta.

Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and celebrated the significant milestone with us!  It’s been a blast to finally share the story on the big screen with the world.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can stream it online or buy the Blu-ray in time for Christmas. I hope you’ll check it out!


It’s amazing to start hearing feedback from around the globe as people watch the film. Audiences, critics and people of significant influence are weighing in and it’s truly humbling to know that this story we worked hard at to bring to life is being well received:

She Has A Name is a hugely important film for this year, bringing home the realities of a global issue that must be tackled. I encourage everyone to [watch] it and help to fund freedom.”


“A cinematic triumph!”


“[She Has A Name ] offers a unique and timely perspective into the realities of this crisis”

– CANON ANDREW WHITE, ‘Vicar of Baghdad’

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The future of She Has A Name

As an independent writer and filmmaker, I’ll be working with our team to continue to bring the film to audiences.  Keep your eye open for screenings in your area, especially in January as we gear up for Anti-Human Trafficking month.

If you’re in (or know someone near) NYC, the Off-Broadway production of the play is being produced in January as well.  This is the first time the US/Mexico version of the play will hit the stage, so it’s exciting for me as a writer that it will debut in New York.