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Andrew Kooman: If leadership is service, how do you intend to serve Sylvan Lake if elected to council?

Sean McIntyre: My role on council will be that of a fresh perspective. I see the title of councilor simply as a transition in career of community service. I’ve been an active volunteer and community member much of the time I’ve lived in Sylvan Lake. My family has always placed value on volunteering and community contribution and since we moved to Sylvan Lake in 1989 those efforts have been focused here. As a young and involved community member, I will bring balance and unique perspective to the council chambers. With it I hope to encourage younger generations to be involved in their community and be the change they want to see.

AK: If leadership is vision, what’s yours for the city of Sylvan Lake?

SM: A community that is functional, united, safe and vibrant. If we can lead Sylvan Lake in an open manner that engages the community, we’ll see a town firing on all cylinders. I want to work with leaders, community groups and committees to benefit the citizens of Sylvan Lake and see the town grow not only in population but also increase in the level of community we see. Leadership is important to that vision. I want to serve with a Mayor and Council that is ready to involve the public in the decision making process. It will help to bring hard working people out of the shadows and into service. A good councilor or mayor cannot benefit the town by themselves. We need to work as a team, and as a community to see ideas flourish and vision to become reality.

AK: If leadership is listening, what are the people of Sylvan Lake saying?

SM: Working at Incline Industries (our local indoor Skateboard and BMX park) every day gives me a direct line to youth and young families, and what they’re looking for in Sylvan Lake. Things like a Splash Park, Skateboard Park, Off-Leash Dog Park and Tennis Facilities, are what I hear most from residents. They want to enjoy our town, and recreation facilities play a big part in their family lives. I am always open to more input. I think dialogue between Council and the public is 100% necessary to shape Sylvan Lake into the kind of community people want to be active in, and a part of.

AK: Why are you perfectly suited, at this time, to represent Sylvan Lake?

SM: Politics is something I’ve been interested in and involved in since I was about 13 years old. For roughly half my life I’ve had a goal of running for council. Since then, and my life goals have been the things delaying my run for public office. 6 years ago (2 election terms ago) I wanted to travel the world, and did. I’ve visited Sweden, The Ukraine, The United States, Germany, Israel, Mexico, Belize, and different regions of Canada. 3 years ago (the last election term) my wife and I wanted to start a family, and we did! Our beautiful daughter is now 2 and 1/2 years old. iNCLINE Industries was also in it’s infancy and we wanted to dedicate time to see it transition from dream to reality. Last October I knew the time was right, and I would be able to devote the time needed to do a great job for my town. So began planning for my council run. Now is the time! I have the passion, and the vision to serve Sylvan Lake on council. My age, experience and involvement give me an unique and valuable perspective to offer Sylvan Lake in making decisions that will effect our future.

Hockey Dad

AK: What do you think are the greatest challenges for Sylvan Lake at this point in the town’s history?

SM: Planning, participation, and unity of vision. Sylvan Lake is an incredible place to live. The biggest global concern is: “Where we are going?”. Direction of development, the environment, and the image of Sylvan Lake all seem up for debate. The last council did their best to shed Sylvan Lake’s “party town” image and focus more on family and inclusiveness. That was a great start, but in their efforts bylaws were passed that seem to many to be oppressive. There have also been complaints that the enforcement of these bylaws concerning development, and personal conduct have been biased and unfair. My duty is to work with Council, the Mayor, Administration, and most important, the public to make sure our Town is healthy, and headed in a direction that will be in the best interest of all of us.

AK: What is your connection to the Sylvan Lake? How did you end up here?

SM: My family moved to Sylvan Lake in 1989 from Edmonton. I’ve a resident ever since. Work and travel have taken me around the world, but Sylvan Lake is HOME to me 🙂 It’s where My wife and I have decided to raise our family. With that, we have invested interest in the future of Sylvan Lake. I want others to experience the best Sylvan Lake has to offer; now and in generations to come.

AK: What do you do for fun?

SM: My time is consumed by the things I love. My family, friends, music, volunteering, community building, biking and anything else that puts my time with quality people.

AK: What clubs, groups, or organizations are you a member of (or connected to) and why are you engaged with them?

SM: I am actively involved in my church, that I attend weekly and volunteer with. I’m actually involved with several of the churches in Sylvan Lake. I love anything that unites people to do good. I’m often involved in inter-church meetings and service events, and coordinate a few of these types of initiatives in Town. I also team up with Sylvan Lake Community Partners as often as possible, they are intent on making Sylvan Lake a great place for everyone to live and thrive.

AK: Who inspires you and who would you like to emulate?

SM: Men of integrity, and action… a list that would go on for miles. I gravitate to people working hard behind the scenes that serve their community, local or global. I want to team up with them to see great things happen. The more I look for them, the more I find people working tirelessly and often thanklessly to make our world a better place. That strikes a real chord in me. I want to be beside them, and I want to be like them. To genuinely serve people, and to serve as an example, however imperfect.

AK: If you could accomplish 1 thing as a representative of Sylvan Lake, what would it be?

SM: A greater measure of unity, and notion of community. I want to see young and old be able come together and live life along side one another. I understand we don’t live in a Utopian society. Still, I believe the less we compartmentalize “segments” of society the less glaring our differences become. I want to hear less about funding here, and attention there, and more about what us as members of a community, can do to enjoy this great Town together.

Disclaimer (should you need one): Andrew likes and admires Sean, especially the fine work he does in service to youth in Alberta.  When Andrew learned of his friend’s candidacy he wanted to feature him on his website to help spread his message in his run for Council in Sylvan Lake.

Andrew lives and votes in Red Deer.  He occasionally eats ice cream in Sylvan Lake.

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