I’m so excited to begin offering the Second Edition of Ten Silver Coins exclusively on Wattpad.

I’m using this new venture as a way to refine and polish the much loved story as I introduce it to new readers through an innovative platform.

I’m hoping that as people start to read the first book they’ll be excited for the next instillment in the series and that I can build some expectation for Book Two, which I recently “finished”.

A quick shout out to Heidi Langridge who designed the new cover art for the Second Edition.  What do you think?

Ten Silver Coins by Andrew Kooman - Book 1

You can start reading the 2nd edition of Ten Silver Coins: The Drylings of Acchora right here on Wattpad

As I post Book One on the Wattpad platform, releasing a new chapter every Friday,  I’ll be refining the much loved story over the next 23 weeks. So readers who’ve read the story can join Jill on her adventure all over again.

Here we go…