I was happy to learn today that the copyscript of the 2012 tour of She Has A Name is now officially available for purchase through The Playwrights Guild of Canada.

I get many requests for the script and for fundraiser/readings, so if you have a question about how the play can be used or incorporated into your event, please drop me an email. If you have questions about professionally producing the play, drop me a line as well!

PGC is currently managing amateur rights and readings of the play, which is a huge help for me to organize the requests that I have been receiving for the script.

– Purchase your copy of She Has A Name here

– Apply for performance rights

She Has A Name by Andrew Kooman

Play Information

Format:  digital and print

ISBN:  978-1-55435-451-1

Year Printed:  2013

First Produced:  First produced in 2011 at Motel Theatre – The Epcor Centre, Calgary, AB.

Professional Agent:  Andrew Kooman – info@andrewkooman.com

Amateur Agent:  Playwrights Guild of Canada, 401 Richmond Street West, 416-703-0201, info@playwrightsguild.ca

Publisher:  PGC

Running Time:  90 minutes

Acts:  2

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 8

Doubling: 5 actors can play a total of 10 roles.

Please email the playwright to discuss professional and international rights, or fundraising events involving the script.